At her immovable, gutsy finest, Academy Award®-winner Holly Hunter delivers a vintage lead performance as Darcy Baylor, a determined mother seeking closure and justice for her departed son in filmmaker Katherine Dieckmann’s latest feature Strange Weather. Getting by but clearly still reeling from her adult son Walker’s suicide years prior, Darcy happens across a piece of advertising from a New Orleans hot dog franchise that sounds eerily like a business plan that Walker had hatched while in college. The revelation dredges up painful memories about the unresolved circumstances of Walker’s death and a compulsion to take action that Darcy can’t seem to shake. She’s certain it can’t be a coincidence.

Her suspicions are reinforced by the fact that Mark, an old friend of Walker’s, conveniently happens to be the proprietor of the business. Darcy packs a bag, hops in her stalwart pick-up truck, and decides to make an impromptu trip along the back roads of the bayou to confront Mark with an unannounced visit at the restaurant chain’s headquarters in New Orleans. She’s not alone in her indignation, however–Darcy’s closest friends have got her back. Her best friend Byrd, deftly played by rising star and recent Tony Award nominee Carrie Coon (Gone Girl, HBO’s The Leftovers) refuses to let her make the trip alone and rides along, providing some of the film’s most explosive moments as she challenges the wisdom of Darcy’s impulsive behavior from the shotgun seat. Featuring a memorable script that calls to mind the lyrical Deep South flourishes of many a Faulkner novel, Strange Weather is a not-to-be-missed story of grief, forgiveness, and looking inward to find a way to move forward.

Director Katherine Dieckmann to be in attendance for screening!

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