Brandi (Mena Suvari) is a compassionate and ambitious attendant at a nursing home. She gets the word that she’s up for a big promotion at work and decides to spend a booze and drug-filled night out with her friends. At the same time, Tom (Stephen Rea), a middle aged sad sack, is having a really bad day. Already down on his luck, he gets kicked out of his apartment and spends an entire afternoon battling the forces of bureaucracy. By nightfall, he’s officially homeless and pushing around his few remaining possessions in a shopping cart. While driving home alone from the club late at night, fate intervenes and Brandi meets Tom. Or, should we say, Brandi runs her car into Tom and he becomes lodged in her windshield. She’s so drugged up and scared that instead of taking him to the hospital, she drives home, parks in her garage and leaves him to die. But he doesn’t. Over the next couple days, he begs and pleads with her to call for help.