Will Lautzenheiser was a year into a promising relationship and had just landed his dream teaching job when he visited the hospital for what he assumed was a painful muscle pull. He had no idea that pain was being caused by a life-threatening bacterial infection. When Will’s organs started shutting down and his limbs began dying, doctors amputated his arms and legs to save his life.

Taking an unconventional approach to therapy, Will began to perform stand-up comedy, to help him cope with his losses. But just as he began to accept his new life and adjust to profound challenges, news broke about an experimental surgery that offered him hope to reclaim his independence. Putting his life on the line, Will underwent a double-arm transplantation at a Boston hospital. Stumped is a deeply personal story that explores themes of adversity, creative courage, and the life-changing potential of pioneering medicine.

Director Robin Berghaus to be in attendance for screenings!