Master documentarian Stanley Nelson (2015 Master of Cinema Honoree and director of 2015 Audience Award-winner The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution) is returning to RiverRun with his newest tour de force. Using his signature fusion of incisive archival material, enlightening interviews and remarkable re-creations, Nelson has once again created a moving tribute to a history that has largely been untold, until now.

The history of HBCUs is an extensive and noteworthy one, beginning even prior to the Civil War. Investigating topics such as the “contraband schools” that sprung up around the Civil War and the early philosophical divide between notable Civil Rights figures Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois, the film illustrates the myriad of ways in which these schools have radically shaped our country. Unfortunately, the telling of this story is long overdue but Nelson is on a mission to right that wrong. Featuring interviews with prominent HBCU alums and historians, the film highlights the crucial role these educational institutions have played over their 150-year history in inspiring countless generations of Americans. HBCUs have long been at the margins of the American collective consciousness despite their role in influencing Black life, dismantling desegregation and birthing and growing the Black middle class. Tell Them We Are Rising’s compelling narrative and original footage will show audiences that HBCUs have touched all Americans, regardless of race, and that they deserve respect, support and a prominent place in our historical and contemporary understanding of higher education.

Director Stanley Nelson to be in attendance for screenings!

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