April 21 – 30, 2022



After fleeing Earth in the 1980s, an eccentric alien returns to his quaint childhood home to look for his best friend Sam. While Thorp may be not of this world, the film considers what it means to be human today with campy humor and a generous helping of retro style. The film hits close to home in many ways, including being able to boast Liz Printz and Andrew Terlizzi, two UNCSA alums, as producers.


  • year 2021
  • rating MT
  • runtime 97
  • director Dennis Donovan
  • country USA
  • Genre Comedy
  • Programs Focus


  • SECCA (Outdoor Screening)8:30 pm, Monday, May 10 Buy Tickets
  • Virtual Theatre12:00 am, Sunday, May 16 - Virtual Screenings Opening Today Buy Tickets