Awkward and disenchanted Canadian teenager Chris (wonderfully played by actor Jesse Camacho) just can’t seem to get along with anyone. He’s harassed by his peers for his weight and generally miserable despite his go along, get along demeanor and easy sense of humor. When he’s roughed up in the street on his way home one day, however, his bullying cohorts unwittingly activate the underdog instincts of Bobby, a manic single dad, who witnesses from his car and jumps in to defend Chris–and then some. Both are simply having a really, really rough go of it lately, and the two newfound kindred spirits set out into the gritty Montreal night together crashing parties, meeting girls, and getting into mischief. As Bobby’s unpredictable mood swings increasingly take the wheel, the two wind up at the home of Bobby’s estranged daughter, where Chris soon discovers that the underside to Bobby’s charm is a healthy and well practiced streak of self-destruction. Over the course of the night, these two virtual strangers self-medicate together and come to know each other’s most deeply held insecurities–and try not to lose themselves in the process. Director Jesse Klein–a Canadian national who has been teaching filmmaking at Middle Georgia State University in Macon for the last several years–has authored an elegantly simple debut feature that packs great power, wit, and wisdom. Bolstered by magnetic lead performances from Camacho and Joey Klein (the director’s brother), the film had its world premiere in competition at the prestigious Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Prague last summer.

Director Jesse Klein to be in attendance for screenings!