Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming and featuring the voices of Sandra Oh and Ellen Page, Window Horses is a staggeringly beautiful, funny and wise animated feature about love–love of family, poetry, history, and culture. Rosie Ming (Oh), a young Canadian poet, is puzzled yet intrigued when she receives an invitation to perform at a poetry festival in Shiraz, Iran, but at the end of the day she’d much rather go to Paris. She lives at home in Vancouver with her over-protective Chinese grandparents and has never been anywhere by herself. Upon further reflection she decides broaden her horizons and make the trip, however, and once in Iran she finds herself in the company of a motley assortment of amusing, insightful poets and Persians who tell her stories that challenge her to confront her past. Fleming employs fantastically varied styles of animation to evoke the artistic essence of each of the region’s major poetic influences throughout history, helping Rosie to learn the truth about the Iranian father she assumed abandoned her and the nature of poetry itself. The unforgettable experience that is Window Horses is a unique story that both young and old can appreciate. In fact building bridges between cultural and generational divides is precisely the point. It’s about being curious, understanding your truest self, staying open, and ultimately finding your own voice through the magic of poetry.