David Bauer, a young, energetic youth pastor, feels he has the greatest job in the world and can’t wait to bring his youth group to Bible Camp where he is certain that this is the year they win the camp competitions. David’s plans are jeopardized by the arrival of an unexpected new co-worker, intense Christian competition, and surly teenage rebellion, leaving him no choice but to show everyone at camp that his group is the most Godly.

YouthMin is a sincere yet incisive mockumentary that accurately depicts the weird sub-genre that is church Bible camp. As the filmmakers will attest, this is not a “religious” movie, nor is it a “non-religious” movie. This is simply a good-natured comedy taking place at a religious camp, with flawed but well-meaning characters navigating a most impressionable time in their lives.

Director Arielle Cimino to be in attendance for screenings!